Playing with History!

Last year we worked on a project to encourage children, neet groups to get involved in sport 'kiddie wealth games', after the success of the project we were approachd again to assisit on a new venture around history..

Here is a sneaky look at waht we have been up to, watch this space, time will tell...


After a recently meeting with the Cheshire FA, intrepidfish are to be undertaking a role within their Marketing & Communications Team on a part-time basis to help assist with the promotion of the excellent work they are doing to develop grass roots football. They are responsible for the organisation as well as the development of football within the County boundaries. Read more here.

Our first role is the very presigious 2015 Awards Evening! September 2015. To design various assets with a core style and branding.

Game on... cant wait. amanda marshall

Assts to include tickets, programmes, certificates through to seating plans. Also we will be involved in the stage set up, presentation and all things digital


  1. Terry

    It was great to meet you. Looking forward to working together - love the passion


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